Services Provided

Outpatient Therapy for all ages
Group Therapy
Mindfulness Coaching
Wellness Coaching
Life Coaching
Kids Yoga (ages 3-18)
Yoga Nidra Holistic Healing Centered Workshops

Outpatient Therapy

At Epione Health and Wellness Center our mission is to provide Holistic Healing focused on soothing pain and creating positive changes in the whole body, mind, and spirit through individual treatment, family, couples counseling and group therapy.
We have treated individuals of varying ages in developing strength to develop skills to decrease, combat, and/or cope with symptoms of trauma, depression, anxiety, interpersonal conflict, family conflict, varying addictions, anger, behavioral disorders, and self injurious behaviors. Experiences range from working as providers in the home, residential, correctional, outpatient and community based settings, serving all ages and backgrounds.
Insurances currently accepted vary from clinician. Please call for prices for self pay or to inquire into insurance acceptance.

Other Holistic Approaches

In addition to outpatient and group therapy we also provide Reiki, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Youth Yoga, Mindfulness Coaching Wellness Coaching, Life Coaching, and offering Holistic Healing Centered Workshops.


Please see our upcoming groups and workshops page for dates of upcoming yoga classes, reiki shares, and various groups and workshops. Private sessions are available for meditation, yoga nidra, and youth yoga for those who would be more comfortable outside of a group setting.

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On Site Team Building/Self Care Support

We take pride in our mission of providing those we serve in our community with methods for soothing pain and creating positive changes in our whole body, mind, and spirit.  We also know as adults that at times where our stress manifests the most is in the workplace. If you or your agency is interested in having our providers come on site to support team building activities and provide self care support through any of our modalities for your employees or clients that you serve please contact 508-622-5033 to discuss opportunities.



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If you are interested in any of our services, or would like to know more about how we can support you in caring for yourself please do not hesitate to contact us.