What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is the ultimate de-stress program. This is not the yoga you have practiced or heard of before. It uses a collection of techniques such as deep breathing, meditation and visualization to activate the relaxation response and support a guided sleep meditation, all while you sit or lay comfortably. Classes begin with a brief description of Yoga Nidra, light stretching on your mat or in your chair, followed by the 40 minute practice. All classes end with time for questions or self reflection. No experience necessary; just an openness to experience some time to renew, restore and refresh.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a complementary, energy-based, healing modality. It has ancient roots, but is very effective in modern times. Reiki is a technique in which practitioners channel energy to activate natural healing processes and restore balance, physically, emotionally, and spiritually within the person. Reiki treatments provide energy that supports the well-being of the recipient in a holistic and individualistic way. Relaxation, pain relief, physical healing, reduced emotional distress, and a deepened awareness of spiritual connection are among the benefits attributed to Reiki. Reiki is easily adaptable in a variety of settings, and offered for people and animals as well, as we are all based in the same universal energy.

What insurances are accepted for outpatient and group therapy?

At this time insurances that are accepted are Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Tufts, Optum, Harvard Pilgrim, and United Behavioral Health. Acceptances vary between providers.

What happens if my insurance isn't accepted?

We also accept private pay and prices can be discussed during a phone consultation. Most groups are self pay, unless otherwise noted. For those who are interested in services and do have insurance but is not one that is currently accepted you can inquire into your HSA account or the insurance company directly for reimbursement.



"I've had two great sessions with Jane (one brief and one full length). The brief session was to assist with a back cramp that I was experiencing, several minutes after my session my cramp was gone!! My full session left me feeling relaxed and at peace. I plan on recommending Reiki with Jane to everyone I know!" - Melanie Reis-Baga  1/4/16

"Had my first full session of Reiki with Jane last night. It was amazing. I haven't felt relaxed or at peace in some time. I do now. Plan on doing this once a month to keep me in balance."- Lorraine Higgins 4/13/16

"I am a typical guy Macho Man who doesn't think anything works. I train 5 times a week in martial arts and after 1 session I felt magnificent. I highly recommended it!" - DeShawn Riley  5/5/16

"I have had 2 sessions so far and both have been great. I was skeptical at first but it really does help. Great for stress relief and i'm sure minor pain. I felt great both time after each session. Definitely will have future sessions."-Robert Perry 5/5/16

"The Teen Girl Empowerment Group has supported my teen with increasing her use of appropriate social skills. She feels safe to be herself and express how she is coping with every day stress." -Meagan 4/13/17

"100 Stars for the yoga class!"- Lydia 4/15/17

"Excellent yoga class this morning for the little ones! Wonderful staff, beautiful Center. Perfect start to the day!"                            - Danielle 4/15/17

"Great loving community focused on holistic wellness for all ages"        -Meagan 4/15/17

"The Wee Warriors Yoga class was great! The atmosphere of the studio is warm and inviting. Nicole's clear, energetic teaching approach and commitment to engaging all children was evident in the creative, hands on activities she incorporated in her class. We can't wait to go back!"-Melissa 4/22/17

"I loved my 1st experience at Epione... Jane is awesome and the Reiki she performed on me was relaxing to say the least. Jane also has a very calming voice when guiding us in meditation. Can hardly wait to go back...??????"                             -Christy 5/14/17

"I've attended several workshops for youth through Epione, including the girls' empowerment group (led by Phylicia and Nicole) and clearing the clutter (led by Christel.) The workshops and facilitators are so welcoming, easy-going, and invested in supporting youth and participants. I definitely recommend visiting Epione!"     -Elissa 5/24/17



If you would like to share your experience of services received from Epione Health and Wellness Center please feel free to send a comment and we will publish it.